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Italien Max, in Ragesburg, Germany

At David's hostel,
David, Adrian, Isa and Paola, Berlin, Germany

David with the crazy Cong-Fu woman Helen, 
Berlin, Germany

Charlotte and me, At David's place,
Berlin, Germany

Taking all the hostel to the beach, Berlin, Germany.
Mexican Adrian on the far left, Australian Rob - far right

John, Sonia & David,
on the beach, Berlin, Germany

Charlotte and me, in the Tiergarten, Berlin, Germany

David and Valentin, Berlin, Germany

From the top left, clockwise - Gevint, Saba, Karkovsky & I.
With my Israeli friends, in a beer factory, Brussels, Belgium

Some more Israeli friends - Arik, Sobol & Ori,
chilling out in the Vondel Park, Amsterdam, Holland

Yuval, Oded's son, after winning Sweden's 
beach-handball championship

Gil (without the sun glasses) and 2 friends,
Amsterdam, Holland

Dror, my beautifull sister, on the beach in Berlin, Germany

Miro, with my sister's wall painting, 
Prague, the Czech Republic

My parents, up in the Dolomite mountains, Sud-Tirol, Italy

Marlene and Barbara, the Happacher sisters,
Sud-Tirol, Italy

Beauty and the beast, Barbara and a passing-by pig,
Sud-Tirol, Italy

Sonia, in the lake of Como,
north Italy

Lisa and me, NY, US

Funky breakfast at Itamar's, NY, US

My cousin Addi playing the balloon base, 
San-Fransisco, US

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