DOUDOU (27/12/2007) - HENRY’S SPEECH

I will begin by quoting from his medal citation:
"Always volunteering to set out at the head of his comrades; In the course of the fighting at Belle Fontaine (Belfort) on the 24/11/1944 he advanced under the fire of two German machine guns to deliver an order to an isolated platoon"
That citation reflects his character.

His LOYALTY- to family friends and all those who helped him and worked for him.

His sense of DUTY - Duty always comes first.

His sense of HUMOUR - A sad man who hated sadness. Always the life and soul of a party or of a group of friends. A true comedian never gets hurtful.

His NOSTALGIA - Yesterday was always nicer than yesterday was, yesterday was invariably nicer than today, and certainly better than tomorrow. He loved the past.

His SENSE OF JUSTICE - Almost intuitive, very deep. Many who knew him would come to him as an arbitrator in disputes. He would explain the rights and wrongs of the case and his advice was invariably accepted.

His COURAGE - He would always stand up against prejudice and injustice explaining and trying to convince others whatever the cost.

His LOVE OF EDUCATION - A Very good student, always ready to rise to a challenge, to learn news things, yet very modest and respectful of others.

His "LOVES" - Cycling, tennis, golf, history, politics, wines, art, poetry, song and singing, and telling stories about the past and above all Neuilly and France.

His pet "HATREDS" - Cold weather, drafts & Mitterrand!!!

He loved to complain all the time.
Yet behind the peppery exterior lay a quiet introspective and very reserved human being. Maybe too silent about his own pain, his regrets and his fears.
He was loved, adored and by admired all his grand children.
All though we always disagreed on details (Toi, mon petit, tu n’est jamais d’accord!) I loved the fact that he always thought with his own mind and was always there in the moment of need, and I could dream of no better or fairer ally!

I would like to finish with Lara-Lynn’s words - “We used to see him and love him as our grandfather and now we just see all his qualities. But I miss seeing him sitting in his house and giving me his luminous smile”.