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we both like to sleep a lot and we had hard ConDiTiONs... here is our modest opiNion which can hopefully HElp you, Guys ! !
trust your Israeli buddies.....
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"The Flying Pig"

We recommend this youth hostel to travelers who come for the first time to Amsterdam.
There are two "Flying Pig" hostels in the city. One in the center and the dither one near the "Wondel Park" area.
The hostel in the center is close to the "Dam square" and to the "Jordan market", also to the main night clubs and disco's. It's located in a small street full of second hand shops and boutiques. This hostel offers free internet access, 24 hours free movies and T.V, no curfew- 24 hours reception, breakfast is included in the price and the cheeling-room in the hostel's pub is a great place to meat people. Sometimes there R small concerts there and the staff is very nice and helpful. However, his hostel is pretty expensive and,,,,,, maybe for travelers who have been in Amsterdam before could look a little too camursuled and maybe too full of people who are too excited from Amsterdam and from smoking Ganja proudly and enjoying to have the SAME fucking conversation about free drugs,,,,,,,,
The other "Flying Pig" is closed to the very big and beautiful "Wondel Park", but we haven't been there, though.


"Bob's  Hostel"

This hostel is also located in the center and really closed to the night clubs and coffee shops. It's cheep and pretty quiet. Breakfast is included in the price and you can rent bikes there. Also there is a very very good tinny indian restaurant just a few meters from the hostel. There is a cool hanging place with a bar in the hostel with good music and a friendly atmosphere.

For a long period of time in AMSTERDAM:
We  seriously advise you to rent an apartment with your friends and use the kitchen to save money..

And for the adventureous ones (without sea sickness) - check the "Boatels"- hostels on a boat!!

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First of all.... we recommend you to avoid the hostels from "Sleep In Heaven", there you cam find one big room full with 60 beds and No hot water in the only 3 shower - you'll freeze your bat there, sure!!!!
the best thing 2 do, also the cheapest, is to camp. Soooooo, do that and when you do it, try to stay as close as possible to "Chrisiana" ! ! ! ! (the necessary explanation will be found in the "fun" section)

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"David's crazy backpackers home"

This hostel maneged by David and his funny son Valentin. The extrimly comik atmosphere and cheep prices might make you stay...
There is a long stay discount rhat is realy worth while, wonderfull super-duper breakfast, a bath tub (always hot water), a well aquikted kithen, a mini bar and a washing mashin. This hostel located near the "Zoologischer Garten" (the zoo station) wich is the main train station in Berlin


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